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Mission Camp


Equipping Our Students to Represent the Reign of God as: Community, Servant, and Messenger

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Parent Meeting


What's in store for 2023?

At Student Life Camp 2023, we are going to unpack one of the world’s greatest mysteries, the Holy Trinity. We will be diving into the identity of God through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As we learn about the Trinity, we are going to discover more about who God is, and as people made in the image of God, who we are.



July 10-14

8:00 - Breakfast & Quiet Time

8:30 - Life Group Leader Meeting

9:15 - Morning Session

10:45 - Life Group // REFLECT

11:30-12:00 - Lunch

12:15 - Leave for Mission Sites

12:30-3:30 - Sites

4:00 - Back on Campus

4:00 - Free Time

5:00-6:00 - Dinner

6:00 - Life Group // BIBLE STUDY

6:40 - Student Pastor Prayer

7:00 - Evening Session

To Follow - Life Group // REFLECT

10:00 - Church Group Gathering

11:00 - Quiet Hours


July 14

The morning of the 14th we will checkout and leave from Student Life Mission Camp and head towards Kings Island!

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July 14-15

We will spend the night on July 14 at Athletes In Action

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July 15

We will head back to the church building on the 15th with your "drop-dead" tired students.  Make sure you get them in bed early enough to rise and shine to worship our Lord and Savior the following morning at the church building!


Can't afford camp?

We'll pay up to


Towards your camp fees!

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