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Camp Scholarship Program

Ways To Earn Scholarship Money:


Serve 4 times on Sunday mornings.

$25 per Sunday 

*Student must be assigned to serve prior to the Sunday morning the student will serve. Students can serve in any ministry area if it is approved by the ministry’s leader and the Director of Student Ministries.


Service Project approved by the Student Ministries Director.  

*Student can complete up to 4 service projects. $25 per service project. Any service projects must be approved by the Director of Student Ministries after submitting the idea in writing. 


Complete a 6-week individual Bible study on missions. Begins April 4 and must be completed before June 19.  *MUST BE THE RightNow Media Camp Scholarship Study or an alternate study approved by the Director of Student Ministries.


Participate as a youth-leader at the Maranatha Bible Church Day Camp 

*Students choice between mid-June and late-June dates.  If interested contact the Director of Student Ministries


Share your grace story of what God has done in your life through salvation with a church staff member, or small group leader. Should be at least 5-10 minutes.

*Must include how you came to salvation. Can only be done once.

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