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What if following Jesus is
meant to be experienced with others?

As Jesus prays for believers in John 17, he prays that Christians would be one. That we would be united together as Jesus and the Father are one. In Acts 2:42-47, we see the church not only united in mission and mindset, but in deep relationship with one another. Paul consistently calls churches to be unified under the Lordship of Christ. It would seem that the Bible has much to say about believers and relationships with one another. Throughout the New Testament, a key aspect of spiritual growth was Christians pouring into other Christians.

So what happened?

For many, the church can seem isolating. The reason people feel isolated can range from relational hurt, distrust, lack of trust, or a fear of judgement. Unfortunately, a sense of isolation is all too common among Christians. Our current church trends sound nothing like what Jesus intended for his bride for whom he loves dearly.

Life Groups are intended to reorient our hearts and minds towards the reality of communal discipleship and outreach found throughout the Bible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Life Group meet? 

Groups meet every once a week for 10-13 weeks during the fall and winter/spring semester. Breaks are taken during the holidays and summer breaks, but groups are encouraged to gather during the breaks to continue deepening relationships. 

What about childcare?

For Life Groups with kids, it will be up to the group to determine the best way to provide childcare and integration of kids into the group. Every groups is different and presents the opportunity for a Life Group to develop a system that works for the group's needs.

Can I still participate in an ABF if I join a Life Group?

Joining or leading a Life Group does not change your status within an ABF. Life Groups are meant to be another expression of Biblical Community that is far more intimate and relational. 

Can I change Life Groups once they start?

While we encourage Life Groups to meet together consistently, we understand there may be the need to move groups. For most cases, people will only be able to move groups during holiday or summer breaks. 

What will Life Groups study?

When a Life Group starts, the group will begin the first semester with "Discovering Biblical Community". After the first semester, leadership will determine the next semester's study.

Who can join a Life Group?

Anyone who is a member or attender of Calvary Baptist Church. Since Life Groups aren extension of the local body of Calvary, there must be agreement with the mission, vision, theology, and doctrine of the church.  

Outcomes of Life Groups

Life Groups are meant to grow every facet of our walk with Christ. We desire that anyone in a Life Group experiences deep, meaningful growth in their walk with Christ. Relational and spiritual growth should also flow outward and affect everywhere we live, work, and play. 

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