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Calvary Care Ministry Full Logo

“Care is a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church which equips the Body to lovingly care for one another, walking together toward spiritual, physical and emotional wholeness.”

So, how does this ministry statement really enlighten what we do and how we serve?

Our Care Ministry office provides personal counsel and care for the aging; care for the patient experiencing dementia; and education for their family who struggle to provide intentional love and understanding during the end of life process and ultimate death. 

Support is given through ministry efforts by teaching subjects for those mentioned including stress, suffering, life crises and grief. Specialty classes are periodically offered covering topics on “Advanced Directive Planning; Patient Advocacy and End of Life choices.

In addition to these essential caring needs; Care Ministry makes every effort to provide personal visits, sending cards and making phone calls to those unable to join us in worship.


The medical equipment ministry is another integral part of Care Ministry. Items such as walkers, wheel chairs, shower chairs, commodes and more are available for loan as needed.

The Care Ministry office is open Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

 Contact the church office at 616-243-3674 or email us at

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