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Core Values

  • God

  • God’s Story

  • God’s People

  • God’s World

Because We Value God, We Desire To Be A...

  • Worshipping Community

  • Praying Community

This is evident in the gathering of the saints for corporate worship as well as lives that are evidence of living worshipful lives throughout the week. We know that the power of strength for life, ministry and service comes through unifying as a body in prayer. We desire to pray that His Name, Kingdom and Will be accomplished in us and through us just as it is in Heaven.


Because We Value God's Story, We Desire To Be A...

  • Learning Community

  • Teaching Community

  • Discerning Community

We desire to be life-long learners to know more about God and His people. Our priority is to make known the truths of God’s Word through teaching. As a discerning community we desire to think through the context of the story using it as a framework to discern between right and wrong; good, better and best; created goodness versus fallen creation, so that we can best live out the story each day.

Because We Value God's People, We Desire To Be A...

  • Caring Community

  • Discovering Community

  • Equipping Community

  • Family Community

As a caring community we desire to care for the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of those in the body. As part of this caring is the desire to help the body discover their spiritual giftedness, abilities and value in order to serve the body. Once a person has discovered their giftedness we desire to equip them in order to best utilize their gifts, whether through class, discipleship or mentoring. We desire each member of the body to be fulfilled in the function of the church. With equipping we desire families to be intimately involved in this process of discovering and equipping with their own children, because we value families.

Because We Value God's World, We Desire To Be A...

  • Serving Community

  • Compassionate Community

  • Evangelizing Community

As a serving community we will reach out to those in our community instead of just meet our own body needs. This is out of a desire to show our surrounding community God’s concern for justice and mercy. At the same time, we desire to be compassionate to those in our community, showing them God’s love, grace and peace. This compassion is shown to those who are like us, but more importantly to those who are different from us, either physically, mentally, or socio-economically. As an outpouring of our hearts, compassion should prompt us to share with those we encounter God’s story and how it will change their life. Through training and equipping we desire our church body to know how to tell the whole story to the whole person to the whole world. As we tell the story, we want others to not only hear this story but see it evidenced in our lives as we daily submit to the reign of God.

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