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The mission of Calvary Baptist Church is to represent the reign of God as Community, Servant, and Messenger. The way this mission works out in the Student Ministries is as follows:

The church is the Body of Christ. As God’s community, it is my desire not only to build community among the students, but to “reintroduce” the middle school and high school students to the entire CBC family. Calvary Baptist Church is one body, not a population of bodies, separated by age or interests. Jesus Christ and His Word will be the center of this community and will stipulate how we will live and what we will know to be true.

As God’s servants, we must develop a biblical view of the world and for the world. An accurate biblical view of the world must be derived from God’s Story. God’s Story clearly explains God’s intentions when He created the world. If we can catch a glimpse of this, then our proper view of the world will produce a passion for the world. This passion should trigger a desire to serve each other and our community in effective ways to show the reign of Christ.

As God’s messengers, the goal of the CBC Student Ministries is to develop an understanding of how to tell the whole gospel for the whole person. This means we must tell the whole story: Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation.

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